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|Induction welding|

Baruzzi Saldature disposes of modern machines which perform electromagnetic induction welding, which allow to weld several kinds of metals and to produce a welded joint in short period and precisely.

The work-piece is taken to the welding temperature through the principle of electromagnetic induction.
This welding system is formed by an induction reel which generates a high frequency electromagnetic field (High Frequency Induction Welding).

The electromagnetic field inducts through resistance a heating effect in the conductive materials: this effect is created by the electric power generated during the application of the variable magnetic field.

In ferromagnetic materials heating is caused by hysteresis of material.
This electromagnetic field generates distortions in the crystalline structure which cause heating of the material.

In most materials a hybrid state between them takes place so heating happens through association of the two mechanisms.

Baruzzi Saldature, which focuses on quality of welding, supplies the electromagnetic induction welding machines of infrared optical sensors provided with laser pointing, which allow the stabilization of the heating process to the required standard temperature values.

Photos on the right side from the top:
Induction welding machine with optical sensors provided with laser pointing.

Detail of induction welding.

electromagnetic induction welding machines Detail of induction welding