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|Metal annealing - Metal normalization|

BARUZZI SALDATURE performs heating treatments such as annealing and normalization of metals through the use of specialized machines and technicians.

Annealing is a heating process of metals where the work-pieces gain a higher chemical balance, structural balance and decrease the internal stress. Imperfections of the crystalline structure are removed and chemical composition of metal is uniformed extending the heating phase.

In annealing there is a heating of the metal for a certain period of time at a lower temperature of its melting point followed by a cooling process. This chemical treatment is useful for the preparation of the metals to the following phases of manufacturing, enhancing the processing qualities, ductility, and cooling deformation.

Heating treatment of normalization is operated by bringing the material to a slightly higher temperature than when the metal gets austenitized and letting it cooling in still air. This treatment is similar to annealing but it differs in the phase of cooling which is quicker.

The structures which are obtained at the end of the process are similar to the annealing ones, but the faster metal cooling enhances the resistance.

Normalization is usually performed as the final operation and might follow the phase of metal annealing. A high temperature normalization to homogenize the grain can be processed, followed by a lower temperature normalization.

metal normalization and metal annealing metal normalization and metal annealing

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Semiautomatic machine for metal normalization and metal annealing.

Detail of metal annealing.